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Welcome to ‘messaiah healing sabbath church’ lnc, iam jesmion samson chikwudi= jsc, inviting you to the special ladder leading to heaven, mainly for those who wants to make heaven, heaven is a promise of messaiah to the deserves, here we can deliberate a bit in the issues of steps leading to heaven, although messaiah is the Way,Truth and Life and without him no one this time could make heaven, only if we keep his teachings shall we make heaven, messaiah’s teachings is not different from God’s instructions, as messaiah is the Way, Truth and Life, that means, there is no other way we can have life and no other true teacher like him, he’s just a true Teacher from the heaven, some time ago we memorize on how Jacob a son of Isaac was running away from his brother Esau because he felt that he has offended his brother Esau, and on his way to mesopotemia he was tired and lay-down and could have a dream of a ladder from the heaven, climbing ups and down by the angels, he was amazed, as he woke-up and anointed some of the stones and said: this is likely to be where God’s house is! Today do we know where messaiah’s house is? How many steps have we climbed? Jacob hath prophesied of the ladder, and how have you endeavoured to climb the ladder? Well, i jesmion have climbed many steps-row of the ladder, many mock me said: he is a suffer-man and jobless! Welcome to Jesmion, am Jesmion prophet of YHWH to the nations, it’s all about moral enlightenment, words of God is alive and active sharper than the double edge sword, could peneterate through bones, marrow and beyond, we have a lot to deliberate, you are not left out of every vital issues, every gaps is open for opinions, welcome to Jesmion prophet of YHWH to the nations, you shall know the truth and it shall set you free, you might say that you have not been in bondage with any beings, yet you can’t deny sins most of the time, starting from when you were born on the earth, all have sinned and fall short of God’s glories, that was sins from adam that has circulated to adam’s descendants, yet by Noah God shew mercy and preserved lives and by abraham God made a choice to start extra works and by Moses God established sabbath-church and instructions, by Yahshua God brought mercy and forgivenesses, yet by i Jesmion God write its laws in human mine/heart, by Ezekiel God stops inherents punishment, that whoever sin shall be responsible of his/her crimes, what a wonderful grace has God given to mankind: believing God is a grace, trusting God is a grace, belonging to God is a grace, if God hath not been good God as Yahshua said, human would have knew that humans are not better than the domestic animals, but you kill and eaten them as though you are better than them, neglecting food God had instructed you to eat from the beginning, you don’t even care about their cries, because all you need is meat, the animals shed tears, yet you kills them, well, you have becomes leopard, tiger, lion and vulture, yet your differences from domestic anmals is: ‘soul and faculty’Jesmion1 welcome to jesmion a son of the living God? Facebook.com/biafranedu